Cryptolocker Ransomware Protection

Last year CryptoLocker Ransomware was the most dangerous security threat we have seen. As a result we got a tool built to help combat it.

The tool is still available on our BLOG –

UPDATE – we are now seeing this threat hit Australia in new variants making it hard for anti-virus to detect it. Here is a good article on it –

What you need to do
3 simple rules

1) DON’T click on ANY links in ANY emails.

Instead, hover your mouse over the link to see where it wants to take you. You will then see if it legitimate of not.

2) DONT open files sent to you in ANY email

You might have received an attachment called courier.pdf.exe but it your computers isn’t displaying hidden files you will see the file as courier.pdf. This tricks you into running a malicious program.

3) DON’T be fooled by Bank emails, courier emails, Australia Post emails, Electricity emails etc.

As everyone uses these services, its a simply social engineering technique to trick you. Don’t click on the links and don’t run the attachments. If you are not sure ask us to check it for you.

IMPORTANT – if you get this infection you will lose your data with the only way to get it back is pay a large ransom or rely on an offline backup that wasn’t attached to your computer at the time.

What is Warringah IT doing to help combat this

1) We have a prevention tool available at no cost to you – see our BLOG
2) Follow the 3 simple rules above
3) We are working on an anti-virus software improvement to help stop this malicious threat.More information coming soon.

Crytoloker Protection install instructions are below

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