Why we recommend TPG for your internet connection

Who are TPG?

TPG is an Australian owned internet service provider (ISP).

They provide ADSL internet connections to home and business users.

They also provide wireless internet connections as well as mobile phone services.

Why does Warringah IT recommend TPG?

Firstly, they are easy to deal with. New internet connections are done with a minimum of fuss.

Their installations are automated and rarely do we need to actually speak to them for a new connection setup.

Their schedules are accurate – when they say something will be done by a certain time – it is.

TPG Support

We have direct access to their support team. They will answer our call in a few rings and have the required tools to diagnose internet connections.

TPG have the task of dealing with Telstra when it comes to getting phone line issues sorted.

They seem to be able to get the best out of Telstra.

TPG Value

TPG give excellent value for money. They don’t count uploads like Telstra does for example. They provide static IP addresses making remote access much simpler.

Their download limits are very generous for a low monthly rate.

Warringah IT is an authorised TPG partner. We organise TPG services making it much easier for our customers.

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