Good Password Practices

1) DO you know what your internet service provider password is?

If you have an internet connection issue this is the most important thing IT people need to solve it

There is also no need to change this password once you know what it is

2) DO you know what your email password is and is it recorded somewhere safe?

When I ask a customer what their email passwords is, the majority say “I don’t have a password for my email”

Everyone has a password for their email, otherwise anyone could get anyone else’s emails.

3) DO use random generated passwords

A unique password for each site, bank, device, service, social media is a good idea

If you use the same password across multiple accounts there is a greater chance of having your account hacked

4) DO record your passwords somewhere safe

You could use a little black book, a password software application, an excel spreadsheet that you password protect.

If you write passwords down, use your own “code” for the description of each.

If you follow these basic rules you will go a long way to not having your data compromised, your identity stolen and your business embarrassed.


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