Help I have forgotten my password

Office 365 will require you to change your password regularly.

Before your password is due to expire, you will receive a notification on your computer similar to this:

outlook password expiration notification

It is important that you do not ignore the password change message, as doing so will stop email from arriving to your computer and mobile devices.

If you ignored the message and your password has expired, you will see this message:

outlook change expired password

You will be taken to the Microsoft Online Portal at

You need to login with:
Username is: your email address
Password is: your current (expired) password

Once you have logged in, enter your current (expired) password, then enter your new password twice

You will now need to enter your new password into Microsoft Outlook. You can close outlook and re open it to see the password prompt.

If you have forgotten your (expired) password, please lodge a support request at

You will also need to enter your new password into your mobile phone. Your phone email program should prompt you to enter your new password once it has expired or changed.