How to change your password

If you find that your Microsoft Outlook or mobile devices are prompting for your password, you may find that your password has expired.

To change your Office 365 password, please do the following:

Login to Microsoft Online Portal at
Username is: your email address
Password is: the password provided to you by Warringah IT when you first connected to Office 365. (You received this via email)

Note - The password is usually different from the password you login to your computer with.

If you password has expired, you will be prompted for your old password and new password.

If your password hasn't expired, in the top menu bar click the gears button

outlook top menu bar

And choose Office 365 settings

office 365 settings

Choose "password" from the left menu.

Enter your current password, then enter your new password twice.


You will now need to enter your new password into Microsoft Outlook. You can close outlook and re open it to see the password prompt.

You will also need to enter your new password into your mobile phone. Your phone email program should prompt you to enter your new password once it has expired or changed.

If you have forgotten your password, please contact Warringah IT on (02) 9905 6557 or