Computer Systems

Why buy a computer from Warringah IT?

At Warringah IT we think differently. Our aim is to maximize your uptime and give you a lower cost per year computer. We have all heard the saying "you get what you pay for" and a computer system is no different. In fact it's more important to remember this when buying a computer than most other electrical devices.

The most important part of your computer is not only your data but your configuration. For example, if your car breaks down you can just borrow or hire a car, hop in and start driving. You can't do this as easily with a computer.

Your computer contains your "configuration" e.g., how the computer is setup - all the customizations that have been done to your computer over time. This has to be replicated onto another computer if you have a problem.

Your configuration and data is what we protect in our computer systems.

Firstly, do you buy a desktop computer or a notebook?

You will speed less money and get a more powerful computer when you buy a desktop. Our suggestion is to get a good desktop computer first, and then look at a more portable and economical notebook second. A desktop computer will have less hardware problems as it doesn't get moved around. A desktop computer can store more data, are easier to use and have many more upgrade options available.

Let's look at the components that make up a computer


The motherboard is the heart and soul of the computer. Quality is important as well as brand. We use the Intel brand due to its large volume of production, reputation and strong durable construction. We stockpile motherboards for future support. It enables us to repair a computer many years down the track when parts aren't available.

If your mission critical computer has a motherboard failure many years down the track, we will still be able to repair it. The retail brands however, run out of parts usually after 12 months, meaning if you have a motherboard failure you will need to buy a new computer.

CPU - Central Processing Unit

The CPU crunches the numbers. Our computers are only ever fitted with Intel Processors. Currently, new computers are fitted with the Intel® Core™i3, 5 and 7 series Processor range.

New processor models are more expensive when they are first released. We fit the models that give you the best price without sacrificing performance.

RAM - RAM stands for Random Access Memory.

The more RAM the better as a general rule. It enables more programs and files to be run at the same time. Most computers manufactured in the last 2 years can support 4GB RAM. With Windows 7 now out, computers will be able to utilize more memory than before. The key here is fitting as much as your motherboard is designed for and using a quality brand.

Many computers that come into our workshop for repairs have poor quality RAM. It can cause operating system corruption as well as the computer not to boot up correctly.

We fit the Apacer brand into our systems and use modules with better cooling.

Our computers come with 16GB minimum.

Case & power supply

We want a case that is solid in structure, has a high quality power supply and is fitted with efficient cooling fans.

Heat and dust kill computers. Your internal components need to be kept dust free and cool. Power is also very important. The power supply cops the brunt of spikes and surges from the grid and needs to be strong enough to give enough power to all your components but also protect them.

Antec is the world leader of cases and power supplies and they come standard with our computers.

Hard Drive

The hard drive in your computer holds the files necessary to make the operating system function as well as your files.

Hard drives are mechanical and contain a small motor to spin them much like the engine of a car. For this reason backup is important. Any drive can fail at any time. Remember the hard drive can be replaced but your data can't if not backed up.

We use 2 brands, Hitachi and Western Digital. Both are premium quality drives with green technology.

Unique to our computers is that we install 2 hard drives in every computer. This provides a backup and imaging solution to help protect your investment as well as your data.

DVD Drive

We use brands such as Pioneer, Sony and Samsung in our computers.

Video Card

Monitors are growing in size and many computers users have more than one in front of them these days.

We can put in dedicated dual head video cards in our computers to give you room to grow as well as take over the video processing from the motherboard.

You get a faster computer and the option for 2 or more monitors.

Operating System

The operating system is what we use to start up the computer, control hardware devices and run applications. Windows XP has been around for a long time. Vista is 6 years old now and even Windows 7 is almost 4 years old now.

The newest version of Windows is Windows 8.

There is a standard version, a professional version an ultimate version. There is also the new RT version designed for tablets.

Professional version is the most popular and the version we install. We can also still install Windows 7 on our computer systems.

Keyboard and Mouse

We use the keyboard all the time so don't sacrifice on a cheapy! A quality keyboard can make all the difference to your experience.

It's what you touch the most so you want a quality keyboard. Cherry, Microsoft and Logitech are the brands we choose.


Nothing worse than poor tinny sound! We use Creative and Logitech speakers.


We take pride in the equipment that we provide to our customers. In fact, the equipment we supply you is also what we use ourselves.

Warringah IT goes out of it way to ensure that repairs are done thoroughly as well as quickly as possible. We are the decision makers, meaning you don't need to talk to people you don't know or call centres.

The nature of mechanical and electrical devices means sometimes things do go wrong.

However, our goal is to get you back and using your computer as quickly as possible.