Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 offers a number of suites and communication and collaboration services with different levels of features to help meet your business needs. Best of all, these applications are a based on a month-by month subscription model which allows you to predict monthly costs and have the flexibility to purchase and deploy services.

Office 365 provides enterprise grade email and communication solutions.

The best feature is Exchange, where your Outlook connects to Servers running Microsoft Exchange hosted in data centres.

The result is your email, contacts and calendars are in sync with all the devices you own as well as the data centre. It is your own virtual server.

Some of the features

• Month by Month Subscription

• No hardware required - e.g. a server

• Massive 50 GB Exchange mailboxes

• Email Aliases & Shared mailboxes

• Spam and malware protection

• Office Web Apps for when you're away from your computer

• Share email, calendars & contacts with other users

• SharePoint to collaborate with other users - 10Gb of space plus 0.5 Gb per user (extra space is $0.20 per Gb)

• OneDrive - 1TB for each user

• Guaranteed 99.9% uptime


• No hardware purchases required

• High grade and high performance data centres run by Microsoft

• No server to maintain

• Email data is protected by being located in the data centres

• Flexibility to increase and decrease user licenses

• Simple syncing between all devices

• Professional web based file management including file versioning and workflows


Office 365 Small Business $7.00 user/month Up to 300 users and does not include Microsoft Office desktop applications
Office 365 Small Business Premium $17.50 user/month Up to 300 users and includes Microsoft Office desktop applications